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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 22, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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"chasing news". >> tonight to we have a very special "chasing" use elevated levels in drinking water to run under jersey and recalling tonight's show calling new jersey. we have some special guests in the studio. we're in a newark 30 of 57 schools had to turn off their drinking water? >> i am "chasing" the lead contamination founded nearly half of the newark public schools is a problem that goes back two decades. >> i am the parent and my primary concern and is right now they're not helping. >> running for the board of education in the work for the second time.
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>> would first rand one dash ran in 1982 i had all of the water fountains tested and all 80 schools were shut off so in the past has been high >> then years after they had the fountain's wrapped up with no one able to drink from them. >> it goes back to thousand three now you say now as far is 1993? >> yes spee back in 1983 that started through 2002. parents are also concerned about the alleged intimidation here in the work as well as the state and district. >> i have told them not to
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that they were safe. >> though is responsible for the mismanagement that could go back to decades they say it is the state as well as the school district. >> if we address that issue we could have had 20 schools corrected so that it is the issue we need a community wide plan to address the lead in the drinking water. >> so you've heard this story we know they have a huge problem but you spoke to the tide might. >> with every disaster what happened when who was in charge will take you through the stories that started in 2003 with the epa found elevated levels and at that
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come and help put the state rejected the idea to say they have their own plan then the next year 2004 the school district which is independent agency said all employees were to run faucet's and seek an fountain's before and after school to flush the lead out it was continued over the next decade according to the memos released and in 2006 cory booker is elected mayor in takes office he had limited control over the school board because it was under state control under decades is still mayor at that time marx zuckerberg donated $100 million but we were told about that particular donation that none of that funding was to
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so there was no way to take that money to fix the problem. with the report's release to show lead levels ticktocks little by the old now here we are where the school district has shut down the of fountains empyrean bottled water. how do we get out of this? >> so we are joined by two special guests you have been "chasing" the story for a long time but first back to the timeline go back to the year 2003 they said don't worry we have the planning for the last couple days you hear story after story. i talked to a few experts
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that was a good idea. >> and the federal government has known for decades with those mental health impairments and that knowledge will not fly there are bureaucratic constraints dealing with how it is regulated and inertia and not to come forward you don't make a lot of promises of multibillion-dollar problem so those political factors is what keeps it under the rug. >> so there are 11 cities in new jersey that tested positive higher than what was allowed? >> it is the big problem especially with children
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pipes underground one house may not but the house next to it might it is also true with schools and other institutions especially the most of vulnerable. it is an expensive problem to fix and that is the part the people are not talking about. is a very expensive problem but we will pay either way. >> no question but how much the price is so much bigger than anyone thinks there is 1,000 other feet to fall. lead was basically the standard nationwide as putting in water systems and has been that way for decades wait until everybody starts to get on this is a nationwide problem. >> but should this be put on
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a lot of plugger said how many are testing positive? it has to with water at home. >> the irony in the tragedy is that they were facing doubt lead. -- phasing out lead. but now with political corruption. >> so you go back and look at the council in did you have the superintendent to said to worry will flush the pipes what did cory booker note? >> everyone has to be held accountable. the statistics were there
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it an issue. >> now we know it has been going on at least ted years old lot of played a lot of money to go around. >> face eight charges of weapons possession although he was never really in possession of a weapon he had the air soft but that is amazing. >> with the pre-indictment conference basically they will give him a plea depending on what that is we will go from there. >> at least you'll have a captive audience. here in new jersey there is a segment of law-enforcement
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was involved in a gunbattle with the state trooper in 1973 she escapes present and makes three to the communist island the last remaining trooper are on duty is this man now the effort to get them to negotiate her release has failed so he is turning into a different source the american tourist who experience the tropical island. >> you're looking at the tourists to be your eyes and ears? >> absolutely. very important 2.0 we don't want anybody to take action. >> the apartment homes were included.
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north philadelphia said they blew up the entire block. >> that is crazy. >> cater imagine finding an animal bone? >> a little bowden the actual foot. >> this could be some type of a rodent. i will never buy their trail mix again i would expect them to pull the bread of the shelves. >> you can have this in the morning. [laughter]
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>> is said to a bold and in the editorial mix? >> what would you do if you get down on something hard and it was an animal'' and? i was contacted by a man who sounded very surprised with wholefoods trail mix that he bought the store they headed to wholefoods for some snacks they picked up the bag and left he was eating handholds that is when he bit down on something hard people tell something he did
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the medical field he knew was the animal bones. >> i took a huge mouthful and a bit down on something hard guy pulled that out an eye exam again while i was driving and handed it to my wife i said is this like it is a bold? she said oh my god it is a bona. >> the ticket to the manager also filed a complaint with the board of health. >>. >> meeting at the care center also examined the bone. >> there is a little bone in the actual foot that would make up that he'll blown.
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a rodent certainly in a bag of trail mix that is a possibility. >> eight tel in madison she concluded to this size it could be from a small animal also is suggested it was too large should belong to the common domestic mouse or rat so i headed back to the wholefoods location and not surprisingly all of the trail mix was removed so i finally got a statement back and it was puzzling price of the photographs and testimony to everything except the bill itself speak does it has withheld any lab examination of the object allegedly found in one of
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speak directly to this claim. we are committed to quality assurance and transparency. >> are you kidding me? i sent them everything that we had except the bonus back the fda has guidelines. they do realize there is the acceptable tolerance because it is mass-produced so does that meet? >> to be a contact with wholefoods until they can explain how that got into his bag. >> over here in jersey city i am "chasing" the easter bunny on the east coast.
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here is what shoppers of. the easter bunny put that is what and fighting with a one-year-old. i went inside to get my picture taken with him but was disappointed to find out the easter bunny is in the video is not working this week. the perfect recipe for gullying viral because both had an outstanding warrants and they have been caught and arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and aggravated assault. now both are in in custody
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>> here is the most awkward
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the cover of steel and ibm. states and by the. >> the republican presidential candidate thus did debut during a campaign rally at his home. >> day number five of my beach by the challenge keeping a real. i am hurting every illegal gun dealer and cross sit here and now look at this. link all these stairs and i am not quite been to get to my final program. you have to treat yourself. worked out hard and play
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>> merry christmas! >> good to see your faces. we've got lots to cover today. harry stiles' mom got hacked. you know we've got the real housewives reunion recap for you. first, britney spears. whoa. >> wow. >> whoo britney, britney, britney! >> our girl britney spears posted this poolside picture with the caption, just chilling. >> is this old brit bod? >> that looks like old brit bod. >> i love her and she looks fabulous. while you look so fabulous you feel the need to alter your body? >> that's like hit me baby one more time britney. >> look close she does look amazing. the internet was so quick to call her out because it was poor editing. people think she altered her waist because you should see the pool's edge as she's laying town on it. instead all you see is water. >> yeah. >> then here's the other thing. how is the butt like it's art but your stomach is straight? she's like --


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